Jõgeva 2023

Jõgeva Kabeklubi, EDF, Kuremaa, Estonia 2023-06-25/2023-06-30
Classic, 64-russian, Manual, T30 + 3'0' move
Aare Harak

2023-05-19 21:12



Jõgeva 2023

Arbiter's (Organizer's) announcement

Rules and regulations of Baltic Open Championship "Jõgeva 2023" in draughts-64 (Estonia)


1. General information

The purpose of the traditional tournament is to determine the champion of the Baltic states, to promote draughts-64, to intensify the competitive relations of draughts between different countries.

2. Organization and management

The competitions are organized and conducted by the Jõgeva Kabeklubi in cooperation with the Estonian Draughts Federation.

3. Place and time of competitions

The competitions will be held at Kuremaa Castle (Lossi 1, Kuremaa, Jõgeva parish), from 24 June (day of arrival) to 01 July 2023 (day of departure).

The mandate committee will work at Kuremaa Castle on June 24 from 16:00-20:00.

The opening of the competition will be on June 25 at 11:00.

4. Participants and terms of participation

The players from all countries who have applied to participate in a timely manner, registered in accordance with these rules and regulations and paid the participation fee can participate in the tournament except Russian and Belarusian players who are not allowed to play.

The deadline to register is 31 May 2023.

All costs related to the tournament, accommodation and meals of the competition shall be paid by the participant or the sending organisation.

The participation fee is 40 euros, for Estonian players 30 euros, for seniors (60+) and young people (19-) 20 euros.

Participants who pay the entry fee can take part in all the programs.

The participation fee must be paid by 31 May 2023 by bank transfer to the current account of Jõgeva Kabeklubi.

Bank details

Beneficiary: Jõgeva Kabeklubi MTÜ

Bank: SEB Pank

Bank`s address: Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia

Swift code: EEUHEE2X

IBAN account No: EE191010220122665012

or by prior agreement, before the start of the tournament, in cash on the spot.

Registration: Ülar Poom e-mail: ylar@orthez.ee; phone: +372 505 8239

5. Competition system

The competitions consist of three programs:

Classics – Russian draughts, with time control of 30 min + 30 sec per move, separate tournaments are held for men and women (if there are fewer than 7 women, then women play with men), 7 rounds of games in the Swiss system. If there are 7-8 participants in the women's tournament, then in the round-robin system.

Rapid tournament – Russian draughts with time control of 10 min + 2 sec to per move, in the Swiss system, men and women play in a joint tournament.

Blitz tournament - Brazilian draughts with time control of 3 min + 3 sec per move, in the Swiss system, men and women play in a joint tournament.

IDF competition regulations are used in competitions. In all tournaments micro-matches will be played with a table of draw of opening variants and standings according to the official tables of the IDF.

6. The awards ceremony in the

Baltic Open Championship program will determine the winners in the men's and women’s categories.

The three best men and women in the tournament will be awarded a cup, a medal and a diploma.

The best senior (60+) and young (19-) player will be awarded a medal and a diploma.

The prize pool is 3000 euros.

7. Accommodation, transport

Accommodation is in Kuremaa Guest House, if desired, also elsewhere.

The price of accommodation per day with a breakfast meal is 35 € per person.

Double room 70 € (35 € per person).

Please notify of the need for accommodation and transport from Jõgeva to Kuremaa together with registration by 31 May 2023.

Information and booking: Ülar Poom ylar@orthez.ee

8. Shedule

24.06. 15:00 – 21:00 Arrival of participants, registration

25.06. 9:30 – 10:30 Registration of participants

25.06. 11:00 Opening of the competition

25.06. 12.00 Rapid tournament

26.06. 10:00 Round 1

26.06. 14:30 Round 2

27.06. 10:00 Round 3

27.06. 14:30 Round 4

28.06. 10.00 Blitz tournament

29.06. 10:00 Round 5

29.06. 14:30 Round 6

30.06. 10.00 Round 7

30.06. 15.00 Closing ceremony

01.07. Departure of participants

9. Generally

All questions not specified in these rules and regulations will be defined by the IDF competition rules or resolved by the tournament's main referee and the Jõgeva Kabeklubi.

Jõgeva Kabeklubi, EDF, Kuremaa, Estonia
T30 + 3'0' move
Aare Harak



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